AcCeLerate summer performance training returns to AL!VE

AcCeLerate, a performance training program that develops a young athlete’s physical foundation, returns to AL!VE Monday, June 22.

AcCeLerate improves form, technique, flexibility, coordination, quickness and strength – all critical factors for reducing lower extremity injuries, especially anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, and enhancing athletic performance. AcCeLerate is broken into five key areas: dynamic warm-up, plyometrics (exercise without weights or machines), speed and agility, body resistance training and flexibility.

“Injury rates for middle- and high-schoolers continue to rise because of increased sports participation and the young athlete’s inability to counteract the forces put on them during competition,” said Derek Sanders, program founder and licensed, certified athletic trainer. “Programs like AcCeLerate can decrease those risks. This is important because more major knee reconstructions, especially ACL repairs, are performed on high school athletes than on any other age group.”

The AcCeLerate program:

  • Is effective for athletes in any sport at any level.
  • Targets 7th to 12th graders, both male and female.
  • Helps increase speed, agility, strength, balance, coordination and vertical leap.
  • Helps prevent lower extremity injuries. 

What makes AcCeLerate stand out from other programs is the pre- and post-athletic performance assessment conducted to evaluate each participant and determine if there are any predispositions to injury, such as muscle imbalances and poor flexibility, Sanders said. Additionally, a jump video analysis is performed at the first and last session of the program. During this analysis participants are recorded performing a plyometric jump which is used to identify and address any potential injury causing tendencies.

AcCeLerate is designed to be flexible to accommodate busy summer schedules. Participants have the option to attend six, 12 or 18 sessions up to three days a week during a seven-week period.

Contact Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital rehabilitation services in EMPOWER at AL!VE at 541-5800, ext. 2, for more information or to register. Space is limited. View AcCeLerate online.