Heisey, HGB orthopedic surgeon, offers less invasive ACL reconstruction

Dr. Meredith Heisey with Mid-Michigan Orthopaedic Institute is bringing a new, less-invasive anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, reconstruction procedure to Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital.
One of the most common knee injuries is an ACL tear. The ACL is one of four major knee ligaments and it is critical for knee stability. An ACL injury is most commonly sports related, especially in sports that involve sudden stops and changes in direction like basketball, soccer or volleyball. A torn ACL that requires surgery can't be repaired, it must be replaced.
Dr. Heisey, who performs orthopedic surgeries at HGB, recently began performing a new ACL reconstruction procedure that eliminates large incisions, and reduces swelling and bleeding, therefore decreasing recovery times and simplifying rehabilitation.
"The new procedure will produce a better outcome for patients," Dr. Heisey said. "It's a system that is less invasive, while allowing greater access to difficult-to-reach spots in more complicated knee reconstructions."
Dr. Heisey practices general orthopedics and her areas of interest include sports medicine, arthroscopic and reconstructive knee, shoulder and elbow surgery, hip arthroscopy and care of the female athlete. She graduated from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Biddeford, Maine, and completed her residency at McLaren Greater Lansing. She also completed a Sports Medicine and Shoulder Fellowship at William Beaumont Hospital.
You can hear Dr. Heisey speak at an upcoming presentation "Ouch, Why Does My Shoulder Hurt?" when she will discuss shoulder pain experienced at all ages and stages of life, and treatment options. The free seminar is from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., Wednesday, March 6, at AL!VE, 800 W. Lawrence Ave., Charlotte, Mich.
Talk to your primary physician about options and referrals for surgery if you have an ACL injury. Dr. Heisey's office can be reached at 517-333-3777.
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