HGB now offers lymphedema therapy services at AL!VE

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that lymphedema therapy services are now available at AL!VE, its health park in Charlotte.

Physical Therapist Karri Wills, MSPT, has completed a 32-hour certification course in comprehensive lymphedema management. This course follows the LeDuc method for lymphedema management.

Lymphedema is the chronic swelling of an extremity or extremities due to accumulation of fluids as a result of absent, obstructed or dysfunctional lymph nodes, most often in the arms or legs. Therapy treatments for lymphedema include: manual drainage, compression bandaging and garments, light exercise, skin care and self-care training. Willis has been educated in manual lymphatic techniques such as lymph node clearing and protein reabsorption, in addition to bandaging and compression garments.

“With Karri’s certification, HGB is able to expand its services to include lymphedema care and management,” said Kim Dickinson, AL!VE director of clinical services. “While there currently is no cure for lymphedema, Wills can assist patients with bandaging and exercising, as well as education on lymphedema. Her certification is an enhancement to our patients and our community.”

Many individuals can benefit from lymphedema therapy, including those who have chronic venous insufficiency, lymph node removal, repeated infections, traumatic injuries, circulatory disorders, affects from radiation, and surgical scarring or post-surgical swelling. Consult a primary care physician doctor to find out if lymphedema therapy is right for your medical needs.

Wills is accepting patients for lymphedema therapy services now. She can be reached at kwills@hgbhealth.com.