HGB rehabilitation services expand to include LSVT LOUD

In September 2015, HGB began offering LSVT BIG therapy services to treat individuals with movement problems related to Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological disorders. Those services have now further been expanded to include LSVT LOUD, a voice and speech treatment specifically developed for Parkinson’s patients.

Jessica Seguin, MA, CCC-SLP, is an HGB therapist who is a certified speech and language pathologist. She just recently completed her training to administer the LSVT LOUD treatment.

“I am very excited to begin treating patients using LSVT LOUD,” Seguin said. “The results and research are remarkable, and I am confident we will be able to make a significant difference for many patients who are challenged with Parkinson’s. An ideal candidate is someone who feels it is hard for people to understand him or her, or their families say it is difficult to understand what they are saying.”

LSVT LOUD is an intense exercise program with proven results at nearly any stage of Parkinson’s because communication deficits can occur at different times during the disease process. The treatment focuses on improving vocal loudness with immediate carryover into daily interactions enabling patients to maintain or improve oral communication. Treatment is administered through 16 one-hour sessions during one-month’s time. 

“Ninety percent of patients experience some amount of improvement during treatment,” Seguin said. “And approximately 80 percent of patients maintain those improvements up to two years after treatment.”

Talk to your primary care physician if you believe LSVT LOUD would be beneficial for your therapy needs. HGB rehabilitation services are provided in EMPOWER at AL!VE in Charlotte, Mich. Call 517-541-5800, option 2, to learn more about LSVT LOUD.