INSPIRE at AL!VE to be dedicated October 27

In July, the Howser and Kimmer families announced the generous gift of a new sculpture to be built at AL!VE, Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital’s experience-based health park in Charlotte, Mich. The rainbow sculpture, INSPIRE, was motivated by an experience Lee Howser had many years ago. Another rainbow sculpture captivated him and stirred memories of the times he had started over and transformed his life into something new and different and, often for the better.

Controlled burn at AL!VE in early April to enhance PRESERVE

A controlled burn in PRESERVE, the grassland prairie at AL!VE, will remove overgrown invasive grass and weed species and improve the habitat. The date of this collaborative effort between AL!VE, Eaton Conservation District and Charlotte Fire Department will be determined by weather conditions, including wind direction and precipitation. Tentative dates identified are after business hours, Saturday, April 4, or Sunday, April 19.

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