Virtual Membership FAQ's

How do I sign up?
New members may sign up by calling, purchasing the membership online through their L!NK account or by coming in to MOVE at AL!VE. Virtual membership will be month-to-month. 
What if I am already an active member of MOVE?
Our virtual membership is included as a perk to standard membership, so you may still utilize our fitness center in-person, but also take advantage of live streamed and on-demand group exercise offerings as well as other features. 
How much is it if I am not an active member?
Is there an enrollment fee to begin?
We are currently waiving the typical MOVE enrollment fee of $100.
How am I billed?
As with standard membership we will bill the first of the month. Upon sign-up you’ll pay a pro-rated amount (if signing up on a date other than the 1st) and then proceed to pay $12.99 month-to-month.  
What if other members on my account wish to have virtual memberships, too?
The $12.99/month is for all active members within your household. 
How do I access it?
A password protected link to our video library will be provided to you upon enrollment and a monthly password will be emailed to the email on file. You will be able to access via a website on your smart phone, computer, tablet or Smart TV. We will also provide you with a password and link to the live streamed classes. 
What type of content is included? 
Upon launch the virtual membership will feature live-streamed and on-demand group exercise classes, representing a sampling of most class offerings. It is our hope to expand the breadth of content in the future.  
When are live classes available?
View our live streamed class schedule here! (Beginning Monday, November 23)
How often is new content posted?
We will be updating our video library on a monthly basis. 
How do I share my feedback once I’d begin using it?
Along with your monthly password, we’ll provide you a link to a monthly survey asking questions about your satisfaction, frequency and the type of content you’d like to see, or see more of.