PRESERVE (Outdoor Area)


PRESERVE is a grassland prairie featuring native plants, grasslands and gardens. The deep roots prevent erosion and allow rain water to infiltrate slowly. The plants also create a natural habitat for many birds and wildlife.

Site preparation is an important early step to remove existing turf grass and weeds. This is why many of the plants and grasses in Preserve currently look as though they are brown and dying.

It will take three years to complete PRESERVE. In its first year of development there were three phases:

  1. The large prairie section to the west was seeded in early summer with a mix of grasses and wildflowers.
  2. Rain gardens were planted in early summer.
  3. Grasses and wildflowers were planted on the berms in mid-July.

HARVEST is the pizza garden in PRESERVE created by Washington Elementary. Funded by Fuel up to Play 60, students at the elementary were able to help grow and harvest vegetables needed for pizza sauce and healthy pizza toppings. Phase II of HARVEST includes building additional raised garden beds for Parkview Elementary, Charlotte Upper Elementary and Relevant Academy.

Download our PRESERVE Trail map here, and experience the natural beauty firsthand.



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